Create your first Formula

This video walks users through the options for building, using, and managing a custom calculation formula as part of the Formulate workflow.

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  • Hi, 

    I found creating new formulas very easy with new interface in Pyramid 2018. I just need one clarification. How can you create dynamic formula, like the one below?

    ([measures].[Unp St.razr Št.])/([measures].[Unp St.razr Tot])

    And with this formula I would like on my discovery that is calculated based on dimension that I am using. Currently as I have seen, when you create formula, you have to specify also the dimension. This is not something that I would prefer. 

    Can you show me how to do it?



  • Hi Borut,

    This is specifically a function that you can implement in the Data discovery itself and not only from the Formulate section.
    Please follow the next steps.

    1. In the data discovery, select the 2 Measures and click the right mouse key to select "Create Measure" >"X/Y"
    2. Save the formulation Custom member to your content (click the "Shareable" and save it in your private or Workgroup/public content), If you just click save it will save the formulation to the this Data discovery only.

    3. select the measures from the measure section then click the FX button and select the custom member.

    4. Finally you would se the grid containing the selected measure , you can the hierarchies to the Row/Columns/Filter drop zones and the custom member will change accordingly.


    Hope it helps.

  • Dvir Buzaglo Thank you very much. I didn't realize that there is a difference between selecting with checkbox and selecting with with markup different. 👍

  • Hi

    The video is cool to create a custom measure!

    How to create a custom dimension? I know that we can create it using the above specified method, but I'm not sure how to create interval dimensions, for example if I have a dimension as "Age" - 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30


    I want to create a dimension for the "Age range" - 

    20 - 25

    26 - 30

    Could you show it or post some link that has this method?


    Thanks in Advance!


  • Hi  Aravindhan Poopathy

    I think you're referring to custom sets.

    I used the attached Excel to demonstrate custom sets according to your data.

    I uploaded the file and created a simple model.
    Then created 2 sets and used them in the query to count the occurrence of each age.
    I then added subtotals to see the count for each set.

    I hope that helps.

  • I wish there was wiki on each formula type. I'm struggling to write following formula :
    My record have Month and Program field, with total Hours spent. And then another bit field, which define if effort was productive or note. For each selection I would like to write (Sum of Productive Hours)/(Total Hours), based on the Month filter and grouped by Program.

  • Hi, when I create a custom formula and I create a new discovery, the show business logic (Fx) folder is not in the measures panel. How do I get it there so I can access the custom measures/formulas?

  • mMcC  
    A general note: Knowing the version you are working on can help us answer better.

    For this case, my assumption is that your custom formula and report do not share the same data source.
    The 'Fx' folder should appear once they are both using the same data source.


  • Hi  Yakov Ahaul,

    I  am also facing the similar issue what Micheal is facing above.

    In our case when user open the new Discovery and when he right click  in Geography Dimension and select View Element he is not able to see FX (Folder).Please find the screen shot attached.


    But when i check from my side i am able to see the FX Folder.Please find the screen attached.


    Is this the access issue?If yes any specific permissions i need to provide to user to make FX visible because i can not give Admin access to user.




  • Hi Everyone,

    Could anyone help me on the above issue I am facing..



  • Shashikant

    We have been trying to reproduce your scenario, so far without any success.
    It could be that the CM you have created has a role that the users don't?
    Are there any more details you can share to help reproduce your scenario?
    Are you using our latest version 2018.05.642 ?

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