AD group roles are not visible in the user's roles list

In BI Office version 6.31.3467.1922, After an upgrade or a clean install,

If an AD group is assigned to a BI Office Role, when you view a user which is in that AD group, the role is not visible in the roles list.

It could be related to "Use Directory Cache"
Try disabling this switch located in Admin > Settings > Networking > authentication

Below is an explanation of what each of the above check boxes do.
When  BI Office loads it needs to check what AD groups a user is part of.
This process can sometimes cause slowness when logging in to BI Office.

Therefore there are some new options to help improve performance according to client architecture and needs.

Lazy Groups Lookup - This looks up what AD groups a user is apart of by using the authentication ticket, instead of manually looking it up. Having this box ticked can improve performance.

Support Nested Groups - This needs to be ticked support is needed for the following scenario - For a user to be assigned a to a BI Office role when this user is part of an AD group and in turn this AD group is apart of another AD group which is then assigned to this BI Office role. If this this functionality is not required, it is recommenced that the check box is un-ticked as doing so can help improve performance

Use Directory Cache - When looking up a user's AD groups the AD cache is wiped by BI Office before querying active directory because there maybe cases in which this may not be up to date. 
In cases of slow performance it is recommended to tick this checkbox.  The downside of having this check box ticket is that it is possible that you may experience some latency in updating a users roles when a change is made to a user's AD Groups and these group(s) are assigned to BI Office Roles. 

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