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Troubleshooting API Issues

  • 6 yrs ago
  1. Check that the authentication on the folder Admin>ExtServices  under the bioffice6 website is set to use basic authentication as shown below:

  2. Make sure  it is possible to browse to the below link to the external services and log in.
    The page should look like the below example:If the above page is not shown, check the bindings in IIS. 
    It is recommended to only have one binding where possible or at least the host binding for the site name used for the API should be the first one in the list.
  3. Make sure the " File uploads" (BI Office admin>Settings>File Upload) share folder is shared (with read/write permission for everyone + same for the security tab)  and accessible on the network. This is because some API results are saved in this location.
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