Using SSAS ‘Proprietary’ Cube Actions with BI Office API

The new BI Office GetActionData API function (v6.40) is an advanced feature designed to allow customization and advance integration of BI Office, Analysis Services with 3rd party web applications.

The technique allows users to pass the full analytical context of a cell, selected by the end user, via an API call to a 3rd party application. This overcomes the restriction of passing parameters via  URL actions and allows a more flexible approach versus Drillthrough or Rowset Actions already available in the BI Office application.

In order to enable the functionality we will first need to define an SSAS 'Proprietary' action with the following settings:

  1. Action Target= “Cells”

  2. Action Type = “Proprietary”

  3. Action Expression – Any URL that points to the 3rd party web application.



Once triggered, BI Office will open up the web page specified in the URL, which will also have a “GUID” key attached to it.

Using the GUID key and the BI Office API, developers can retrieve the query cell coordinates used to trigger the action. These in turn can be used to deliver custom content based on those selections.


The logic of the API action follows these steps:

  1. A user invokes the API action from the cell action menu inside BI Office.

  2. Pyramid sends a request to SSAS.

  3. SSAS returns to Pyramid the URL.

  4. Pyramid then creates a GUID entry with the analytical context of the action call.

  5. Pyramid Client opens a custom web page with the URL and the GUID.

  6. From within the custom web page, via the BI Office API, a request is sent for the Analytical context based on the GUID.

  7. Pyramid retrieves the analytical context, based on the GUID passed, and returns it to the custom web page.

  8. The custom web page uses the Analytical context in the required business application.


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