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Branding Your BI Office Application

  • 6 yrs ago

Clients who own an OEM application license can brand their BI Office application by uploading their logo to the Administrative Console > Settings tab > Visual > Set Private Branding logo.

The logo can either be in a XAML or SVG format.

If you don't have a XAML logo, our support team can help convert some vector file formats for you.

The supported file formats for conversion to XAML are,

  • AI
  • EPS
  • Design

Preferably, the image should fill a rectangle of 300px x 100px.

Please note:

  • RASTER/BITMAP images are NOT supported.
  • This file must be created as a vector file from scratch.
    We will not be able to use a file that was converted from other pixel-based file formats.
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