PYRAMID 2018.01 - Known issues

NOTE: A hotfix release with solutions to these and other problems was released. Please check the customer portal for the newer version.

Mapping Issue

The mapping may stop working and/ or an error is shown.

To fix this, navigate to Admin> Settings>Geo Spatial.
Update the "Username" field with the user "default" and the "Password" field with "pyramid" then click "Apply".

Save Issue

When trying to save changes to upgraded content and error is received.

Upfrade to latest or
Run the below query on the Pyramid 2018 content repository: 

For a content database that is hosted on the Pyramid internal Postgres server

Download the file attached , extract and run it on the server/computer that Pyramid 2018 is installed on.

For a content database hosted on a SQL Server:

SET is_active=1
FROM content_tbl_item as item
WHERE EXISTS (select 1 from content_tbl_item
    where family_id=item.family_id
    group by family_id
    having count(family_id) = 1);

For a content database hosted on a Postgres server: 

UPDATE content_tbl_item
SET is_active = true
WHERE EXISTS (select 1 from content_tbl_item as item2
   where item2.family_id=content_tbl_item.family_id
   group by family_id
   having count(family_id) = 1);

Browser Cache issue

In cases where you're having issues to log in.
Or seeing a Black screen after login.
Or the welcome screen and content navigation are distorted. I.E the tutorials do not display correctly and/or the folder structure appears incorrectly.

To fix this clear the browser cache and reload Pyramid 2018.

Clear cache & cookies In Chrome

Clear cache & cookies In IE

SQL DB Collation issue

When using SQL for the Pyramid 2018 content database, after upgrading it is not possible to open existing reports or create new reports.

Check to see what the default collation of your database is.
If it is not  "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" then the attached script should be run on the Pyramid 2018 content database.

Once you run the attached script (change-collation-sql-server.zip ),
Please refresh Pyramid 2018 and try again to open/create reports.

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