BI Office 6.30 Released

Sep 14 2016 
Version 6.30 Release Notes

(File attached)


New Features




  • Added support for token base authentication when using Federated Forms.


  • Changed mapping tile engine source from Bing to ESRI.

Data Modeling

  • DirectQueryWithInMemory and DirectQuery options were added to the Model Query Mode dropdown in the Manage Data Model window.
  • Added a new connector for SAP data to the Data Modeling tool set.*

*NOTE: Amongst other things, this feature requires an upgraded license to be operational

Connection to SQL Database

  • Added support for database connectivity via Windows Authentication.

Advanced Analytics

  • Upgraded engine algorithm for Forecasting (standard option)
  • Added new “EMMD” Clustering model option

Server Console

  • New server-side console application for managing services and changing database repository connection options.


  • Added new multi-select drop down slicer type
  • Upgraded hierarchy tree slicer functionality and search options




Online Tutorials

  • Publication of 15 new tutorial movies and several quick start guides.


  • Online help has been updated.
  • New Online Help system for tablets.


  • Launch of the new community forum site.
  • New Topics posted covering a variety of features.


Issues Addressed in 6.3




  • Updated the GIS script to resolve a date format issue.


  • Fixed an issue where new publication backgrounds do not appear.

Data Modeling

  • Corrected an error that occurred when attempting to create a tabular model based on a Pyramid Data Discovery.
  • When adding a Google Analytics account, fixed an issue where the connection test is successful even when it supposed to fail.

Story Board

  • Fixed an issue where an “Arg_KeyNotFound” exception is thrown while working on a dashboard.


  • Fixed an issue a centered dashboard title does not print centered.
  • Fixed an issue where “0.00” values appear blank in the printout.
  • Fixed an issue where, when printing a dashboard, the breadcrumb prints even though it is turned off.


  • Fixed an issue where an updated theme from V5 got corrupted in a specific scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where preforming a Cut and Paste special of a book that has a custom member does not delete the original book.

Data Discovery

  • Corrected an issue where it was not possible to change the title of a KPI.
  • Fixed an issue where an exception is thrown when using evaluation sets in KPIs.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Test button in Dynamic Text causes an exception.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Mining (Prediction / Clustering) fails if there are break lines in the data.


  • Fixed an issue where a tree map with no results causing an exception.
  • Corrected an issue where changing the Info Circle color of a Sunburst does not have an effect.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the Range Color opacity of a Gauge to 0 breaks in HTML5.
  • Improved Tree Map labels.


  • Improved stability of the "AddUser" and "AddUserByUserName" methods.


  • Fixed issues loading stock image assets and theme assets

Other Issues Addressed since 6.2

These items are covered in the minor point releases 6.21, 6.22, 6.23




  • Corrected cut/paste a book from private to another private which caused the book to disappear.

Data Discovery

  • Corrected an issue when slicing queries using two attribute hierarchies that have a ‘sibling’ hierarchy from the same dimension, with handpicked members selected, already present on another axis.
  • Fixed an issue where Power Pivot is shown as unavailable while existing reports can be opened.
  • Corrected an issue when slicing queries using an attribute hierarchy that has a ‘sibling’ hierarchy, from the same dimension, already present on another axis.


  • Fixed an issue where cascading slicers not updating query in HTML5.


  • Removed the StripCalculatedMembers MDX function from the query where possible to improve performance.

Mobile application

  • Fixed authentication issue in the mobile application.

Power BI

  • Added support for the latest Power BI release (2.37.4464.361 July 2016).


  • Corrected printing issue related to a big grid with KPIs.
  • Corrected export to Excel, so that data reflects slicer changes.


  • Corrected an issue when printing or publishing content with different slicers not slicing properly.


  • Fixed a vulnerability allowing unauthorized administrative activity.

Story Board

  • Corrected an issue where when selecting multiple members from a cascading slicer, only data from one of those members is showing.
  • Fixed an issue where making slicer selections produces unexpected results.
  • Fixed an issue where dashboard Section with No Slides Causes Issues Running Dashboard.
  • Corrected issue where content is removed from slide(s) when saving a story board.
  • Corrected error when removing global variable slicers from story board slides.
  • Corrected issue when slicer selection is missing in the panel.
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