Sending Parameters to a URL of a Data Discovery (formerly bioXL) Book

The following article explains how to send parameters to a URL from an external application.
This is a simple example of opening a URL and passing the cube parameter named “Manufacturer”:

A normal bioXL report URL without any parameters should look like this:


To open the same report with a parameter named “Manufacturer”, an expression should be added to the end of the URL (marked in green):


The expression in the URL includes characters that were encoded according to HTML URL encoding standards.


• “&” is encoded to “%26”
• “[“ is encoded to “%5B”
• “]” is encoded to “%5D”
• ”<” is encoded to “%3C”
• ”>” is encoded to “%3E”


The original expression before replacing encoding characters is based on the standard MDX syntax:


Attached is a screenshot of the report opened via URL after sending the non-default parameter “ESICS” to the Manufacturer slicer.


For a more information on how to build a URL with parameters, please refer to our online help that can be found here: http://help.pyramidanalytics.com/client5/en/Content/CMS/Parameteriz...

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