How to connect and pass values to the GetCookie API using REST

The GetCookie API is used when integrating BI Office into a company website. It is used to create of a  cookie to allow login to BI Office without asking for credentials a second time.

In order to connect to the GetCookie Rest API use the following address:


The login to the API must be done using Basic authentication and passed in the header.

An example would:

Username: domainname\\username

Password: userpassword 

Below are the parameters that need to be passed:








userDomain = the domain that the BI Office users are apart of

userName=  the username of a user

UserPassword = the users password

webDomain = the web domain that BI Office is apart of, e.g the webdomain for the site"BIOffice.mycompany.com" would be mycompany.com

CustomData = allows for the passing of custom data to the cube.


See below for an example on how to connect to the API using Postman Chrome plugin

On the Authorisation tab add the credentials of BI Office user that is a "full BI Office admin"

In the Body add the following:


      "userDomain": "domainname",

      "userName": "username",

      "userPassword": "password",





Clicking on the send button should then bring back a cookie value as shown in line 10.

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