Is it possible to refresh an existing Publication after changes have been made to its Theme?

I have set up a Theme for my client which includes a custom Header, and created a number of reports using the Theme.

My client has request a modification to the custom Header, namely that their logo is right-aligned instead of left-aligned. I have made the change to the Theme that works for new Publications, but does not appear to propagate to the existing Publications.

I have not been able to make local alterations to the header in the Publication itself, either.

Is there any way that I can either (a) make a local alteration or (b) force the Theme to propagate the existing reports?

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  • Hi Peter,
    Once a Publication is saved the theme is embedded within.
    Changing the original theme, in the admin, will not affect the publication. (Or any other book type for that matter)
    You'll have to edit the publication and alter it to your needs.

    After altering a Theme in the Admin, to see it on the client side you'll need to reload your browser since Themes are loaded once when the browser loads the application for the first time.

    Hope this helps,
    Kind Regards,

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  • Thank you for confirming Yakov

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