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Hi, is there a way to show slice only at certain levels ? For example, I have a table can be filtered by Employee and Contractor, and after choose one and drill down, the table shows different data. The problem is, when the user already drill down to certain level(for example employee), the slice is still on the report, and if the user choose another option in the slice at that level (choose contractor), the report will have error. So is there a way to remove the slice at certain level when the slice becomes useless? The slice only works on high level of the hierarchy.


Thank you!

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  • Hi Lei,

    It's possible, but not with a Data discovery drilling traditional way.

    Creating "Variable sets" on Data discovery book will create the buttons for each level (set) and connect the variable to the set.

    Later on, setting "Conditional display" on Story board for setting which slicers will appear for each set.

    Please see the next example.


    1. First Create the sets, in this example, the sets are the products hierarchy levels (category, subcategory and product)

      Creating the "Variable set"
      Go to the Analytics tab and click on "Variable Sets", each variable should call the addressed level set.

      Next step is to create the variable that later on will be the button that switches between the different levels.

      Next stage, select the sets for each variable.

      Edit the set that created on variable set wizard with the Advanced set designer and select "Switch selector" selection method.
      Use the sets you created earlier to address each set to variable. 
    2. Setting the "Conditional Display" (Configuring which slicer will appear with each variable set).
      Next on storyboard import all the elements  (Variables, Grid, Chart, Slicers)
      On the Interaction tab, create a new Variable interaction from the variable set buttons for each one of the slicers.

      Next, create the condition for each the slicers to be displayed.
      In this example, I've set the condition: if the selected variable value is 3 (products), the slicer "Sales
       person"  will not be shown.  

    Hope it helps.


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  • Dvir Buzaglo 

    Thank you for your solution, but in your case, the users have to specify the level of the hierarchy first to see the report they want. My report contains many levels of hierarchy, which would be inconvenient for the users to select. The report is preferred to be drilled down to each level instead of selecting.


    thank you

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  • Dvir Buzaglo Are there any restrictions on how these work?  For instance, my conditional sets are based on parameters and their ascendants to display in the rows.  These parameters are based on custom sets that are in turn using filters that use other parameters.  They work fine in data discovery (except the lower level hierarchy slicers still show on the report).  Then when I import everything into the storyboard, the interaction between the variable and the slicers will not work.  However the report content based on the slicers that are based on the variable does (so if I choose national level, it gives me the correct set, field gives me the correct set, etc)  Thanks

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