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BI Office 6.32 Released

Dec 8, 2016 
Version 6.32 Release Notes

(File attached)

New Features





Import Power BI File

Added "Import Power BI File" command in the content management system to allow the import of PBIX files directly from inside the application.

Data Modeling

Multi-Value Columns from SharePoint

Added support for multi-value columns in SharePoint list data sources.



When performing scheduling impersonation with the "Use My Account" technique, no password is required for token-based access.

Administrative Console

Auto Provisioning

Added the "Get User by SID" option to the Admin/Settings/Auto Provisioning dialog.

Administrative Console

Master User Options

The Master User defined during the installation process can now view all Content tabs within the admin console.


Custom Visuals

New landing page for custom visuals (solves security issues for both PC and mobile deployments).

Issues Addressed




  • Fixed an issue where empty address properties from a level caused the map to lock up.

Data Modeling

  • Fixed an issue where an error message appeared when trying to import multi-values columns from SharePoint lists.

Data Discovery

  • Fixed an issue where an exception is thrown after clicking on “Copy Content” (when the UI language is other than English).
  • Fixed an issue where an exception is thrown after unselecting a measure in a Hierarchy Tree slicer.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to “Exclude these from the result set” does not work in the ASD when using Top and Bottom filters.
  • Fixed an issue where the cascading slicer logic breaks the parameter defaults settings.

Story Board

  • Fixed an issue where a variable with conditional display does not work as expected in a specific scenario.

Administrative Console

  • Fixed an issue where an error is thrown when creating a folder under Public Assets.
  • Fixed an issue where a “ShareFile is invalid” error appears when uploading a shape file.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Provisioning creates a new user instead of updating an existing user (after a login name change).


  • Fixed an issue where printing fails in the mobile application.
  • Fixed an issue with broken interactions in a Story Board.
  • Fixed an issue where a dashboard is not printed with the slicer selections made in the slides.
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  • I noticed custom visuals being listed. Does that have anything to do with Power BI at all? Is there any new capabilities coming to Power BI support or do we need to wait until SQL Server vNext? Thanks.

  • Hi Dan.
    These are custom visuals in BI Office.
    It's not related to pBI.
    I can really say what is coming in Pbi, it's more of a question for MS.
    Thank you.