Combining measures from different tables

I have 2 datamodels with measures amount which I want to combine to one measure so that I can calculate the sum of these measures. Is this possible? In the first datamodel (see fig1) I have different measures for different statuses (eg status "Bedrag Renteaanbod Uitgebracht" with a total of 307 million). In the second datamodel I have 1 measure "Bedrag" (see fig2), this measure need to be always used in combination with a dimension to "Eventstatus" to the amount for the second datamodel "210. Renteaanbod uitgebracht" is 2.3 million. I want to sum 307 + 2.3 million into 1 grid. Is this possible? Can I create an custom measure to solve this?

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  • Hi Wailen

    You could create a custom measure from these measures if they were all in the same data model.

    You can create a new model based on these two reports.
    It's really quite simple.

    • You click the "New Data Model"
    • Under "Cloud and Others", you select the "BI Office" data source
    • Then proceed to select your books and relevant reports as your source tables.
    • The rest is described in the following video tutorial "Overview of Data Model".

    Hope this helps.

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