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I have recently updated from version 6.41 to 6.46 and I have noticed that in the administrative console some options (tabs) are missing. See attached document.

Do you know how can I add view those tabs?



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  • Hello Katia,

    In the Admin console, you can setup different admin types, only for professional licensed type users.
    The tabs shown are depended on the Admin type.

    These are the different admin types and the Tabs shown accordingly.

    • Non Admin - as the name suggests, doesn't have access to the admin.
    • System Admin
    • User Admin
    • Data Source Admin
    • Full Admin

    Apart from that, the built-in Admin master user will see the same Tabs as the Full Admin user, but in the content tab, he'll only be able to see themes without the users content.

    Please log in to the admin with the Built-in Admin master user (or with another's pro user with admin access credential) and check the admin security for the user you have logged in with, have the proper admin security settings.
    (images attached.)

    You can also find some content on this subject in the Admin help guide under Administrative Console Overview

    Hope this information helps.
    Kind Regards,

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